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When visiting a garden for the first time, I have a look around with the customer to find what ideas and requirements they have for their garden. There are always plants which we, and some customers, will call weeds so to ensure no mistakes are made we need to find this out along with likes and dislikes which in your eye is a plant or a weed, for example; yellowing flowering poppy or wild viola or creeping jenny to name just a few. If you require any design suggestions for the garden, planting schemes, plant thinning or shrub/ tree/ hedge/specialist trimming known as topiary which we do, these will be discussed during our initial visit and can also can be talked about again in any future visits.

The next step is to find how regularly you want your garden doing. We work with all our customers as some like to work within the garden themselves or we can provide a full or part garden maintenance service including some of the following: bi weekly, weekly, fortnightly, 3 weekly, monthly, bi monthly and also less often like quarterly or bi yearly and one which is popular a yearly visit October to December for a full trim and tidy before Christmas.

Once a new garden is planned into one of our routes, the day and time usually stay the same for each visit to provide consistency for customers. Finally, we will agree a price that is mutually acceptable and meets all your requirements. We work at over 200 gardens and we are well established in this field.